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By completing the payment below I authorize to facilitate the charge of my credit card for the purpose of obtaining a residential FULL APPRAISAL I understand that the appraisal fee is not contingent (Actual fee will depend upon location and complexity and whether a residence or investment property upon the final determination of value or the closing of the loan this credit card charge is a non-refundable fee. By entering payment details below you agree to the charges listed for your account, the additional terms and cancellation policy: Additional terms/conditions and information: The completed appraisal will be sent to Simplified Commercial Lending and the lender. The borrower is entitled to a copy of the appraisal. Cancellation policy: A refund of partial fees for orders canceled prior to completion. Fees will depend on what work has been done up to that point including inspections, subject and comparable research, etc. Once a cancellation has been requested the appraiser service/lender used will be notified of the cancellation and are responsible for refunding the card.

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